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LibertyPF offers numerous payment options that offer convenience and ease of doing business. Listed below are our current methods of payment:

  • check by mail - This is the traditional means of sending your signed check along with your payment coupon.
  • check by phone - We take your check information (routing number, account number and check number) over the phone. We then connect with your financial institution for payment.
  • check by email/fax - You email or fax to us a photocopy of your check. We then connect with your financial institution for payment.
  • credit card - Currently, credit card payments can be made Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm PST by calling (800) 229-8793.
  • monthly debit * - by filling out our Monthly Debit Authorization form, you authorize us to connect with your financial institution for regular payments to your account.

* Available only through our Premium Billing System.

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Payment Terms Notice of acceptance: When you are approved for financing, LibertyPF will mail you a Notice of Acceptance form that lists your account information including the userID and password needed to login to our Premium Billing System. Coupons: Along with your Notice of Acceptance form, we will mail you coupons that you can use to make payments through the mail.

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