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  • Can I make online payments?
    • Yes. As soon as you receive your Notice of Acceptance form, you can begin making online payments.
  • Where do I find my user name and password for online access?
    • Your user name and temporary password are located on the Notice of Acceptance form mailed to you by Liberty Premium Finance. Please note that you will be prompted for a new password when you login for the first time.
  • Is Liberty Premium Finance licensed in California?
  • What is the relationship between an insured and the premium finance company?
    • By financing their insurance, the insured has entered into a loan contract with the premium finance company and has given the premium finance company the authority to pay their financed insurance company as well as cancel the financed insurance coverage in the event the insured defaults in making scheduled loan payments.
  • Is interest on this loan tax deductible?
    • On commercial premium finance transactions, the loan interest may be a tax deductible expense. For further information, you should contact your tax advisor.

If you did not find an answer to your question on this page, please contact our customer service department at (800) 229-8793 or submit your question via our contacts page.

What is behind Interest Rates

An interest rate is the rate at which interest is paid by a borrower for the use of money that they borrow from a lender. Often times, there are multiple borrowers and lenders involved.

There are numerous factors that are considered when determining a rate; three of them are listed below.

Three common factors

As with any for-profit business, the interest rate is comprised of an amount that covers expenses and provides for a positive return.

  1. When lending money, there is a certain amount of risk that the money may not be paid back. This risk factor is the starting point for determining a rate.
  2. Because some of the gains from interest may be subject to taxes, lenders can increase the rate to make up for the loss.
  3. Credit Card companies charge fees to complete transactions; the average rate being around 2% of the transacted amount. This amount is often reflected in the rate.

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